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Sanaz Firouzi et Jonathan Brunelle portent la tuque réversible rouge et noir d'ELZI.ca

The ELZI brand name comes from the concatenation of the last phoneme of our respective last names, Brunelle and Firouzi. It represents the merging of our skills and contributions to the project. We chose the name because it reflects who we are.

We established the brand in July 2021 after a year of producing face masks. With the profits earned, we invested in new equipment to create clothing for various occasions, including work, home, and sports activities. Our current collection includes t-shirts, shorts, hats, dresses, shirts, towels, hats, and raincoats. We take pride in developing the concept, designing, creating patterns, prototyping, and handcrafting the clothes ourselves. We use natural fibers and also recognize the value of blends in certain garments.

To complement our fashion design passion, we also repairs clothes that you've hand picked or received from a loved one. 

We are located in Montreal, Verdun. 


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