ELZI Studio - Nun's Island seamstress, Wedding dress Alterations. Repairs near Nun's Island, Montreal, Verdun and Brossard

Sanaz does clothes repairs and alterations in ELZI Fashion Studio. Sewing verdun, Montreal and nun's island.



Sanaz, Nun's Island seamstress.

We do repair clothes in Montreal and extend your joy of wearing the pieces you love. Clothes Alterations is also an eco-responsible choice to make.

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Talk over phone 📞,contact our seamstress at 438-924-2121 to discuss about your clothing needs. or send us a quick email at sanaz@elzi.ca. Wedding dresses Alterations, YES, do we it.

Alterations are done in nun's island, Montreal. 

Here is a quick list of things we do :

Sizing Measurement service  Resize, repair, shorten, lengthen
Steam and Iron Press
Sanaz does Steam Press Services for ELZI for people in Montreal, Verdun and Brossard


Items we repair : 

  • Outerwear
  • Hoodies 
  • Sweatshirts
  • Jackets 
  • Coats
  • sports jackets
  • Formal Wear
  • Suits
  • Uniform
  • Pant 
  • Trousser
  • Jeans and Denim 
  • Overalls or jumpsuits
  • Thin Leather Alterations
  • Shirt and t shirts
  • Blouse
  • Kid clothes
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Robe
  • Sleepwear
  • Bridesmaid Dress 
  • Wedding Dress
  • Vintage clothes
  • Curtain
  • Blanket 
  • Snow pants and snow suits
  • Sportwear
  • Home wears
  • Cardigans sweaters
  • Home wear
  • Work cardigans
  • Graduation dress
  • Wedding dresses
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Dinner wear 
  • Table wear
  • Apron
  • Custom sews, tailor made napkin.
  • Bathrobe
  • Bed sheet and towel
  • Pocket, Collars, Sleeves replacement 
  • Zipper Replacement & Repair
  • Mending Services
  • Hemming Services
  • Patching Services
  • Tapering Services
  • Mask
  • Dog clothes 

 Items we don’t repair : 

  • Underwear 
  • Shoes
  • Whole in knitted clothes (I can resize them )
zipper repair montreal by ELZI