ELZI designed the ultimate masks for your comfort

ELZI designed 3 different models/shapes of masks for different purposes, so try to find the one you like best.

Here is an image of what they look 👀 like and below you will find a small description. 

Our 3 models shape of masks. Overhead, over ear and seamless over ear and hair tie


Curved Over Head 

the overhead is our initial model. We made this one for prolonged use. Your ears will thank you. This one however doesn’t play nice with your hair brushing ;) 


Curved with behind the ears 👂 adjustable elastics

Behind the ears was our second model , we had a lot of people requesting it because they valued their look above the confort. We added small sprint toggle to adjust the fit. We were surprised how confortable they are ! 

Monocoque which snugs the nose with behind ears adjustable elastics

This is our newest creation. The mask is horizontally seamless to show how beautiful the patterns are ! We extended the over ears elastic to allow making a tie around the hair. It’s our our most confortable mask to date.