Sanaz In-house Fashion Creative Director for ELZI. Custom clothes that meets your demand and prolong the life of your existing go to clothes. Visible on the picture are linen shirts, merino underwear for men and women, merino t-shirt, raincoat.

Meet Sanaz Firouzi, ELZI‘s in-house Creative Director and Head of production.

ELZI’s creative director, Sanaz, is a seamstress that has delighted her clients for over 15 years with her art.

Sanaz Firouzi has a master degree in Ancient clothes in archeology and a bachelor in fashion design. She's like Indiana Jones mixed with Coco Chanel!

Sanaz can team up with you to craft custom dresses according to your specific demand, starting from scratch or using our existing models as the baseline. We currently enjoy working with naturals fibres such as Linen, Merino and Cotton, including some blends to enhance desired and specific demands. Since we are active people, one of our specific demand was to create activewear that we could wear during almost if not any sports occasions. 

Not only do we make clothes customized for you upon demand, making them worth every penny, but Our crafts are hand-made in Montreal. Buying from us helps recirculate money locally.

Sanaz’s expertise allows ELZI to prolong the life of your loved ones, speaking about your favourite piece of clothes here :)  Give a second life to your clothes. This is an example where ELZI supports the sustainable economy materially. 


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