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Latte ,linen shirt

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Our France Linen fabric is porous nature, linen has natural heat and moisture-wicking properties that make it a good conductor of warmth and a popular fabric to use for clothing.Linen is also naturally anti-bacterial.

Linen Care

Linen is notorious for being wrinkly. If you like the look and feel of linen clothing, prepare to do a lot of ironing if you want to keep wrinkles at bay unless you want to embrace the wrinkles for a more casual look. Using high heat on your iron and a touch of spray starch (especially on collars) will get you smooth and crisp results. But don't be fooled—once you wear your linen garment it's bound to get at least a little wrinkly. If you want to avoid wrinkles altogether, give linen blend fabrics a try as they tend to be much more smooth.


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