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Red Linen Blouse Shirt with Buttons and Full Sleeves -Akako blouse

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Akako is the name of our Red Linen Blouse. 

We designed Akako for warm weather. One of the primary benefits of the red Akako linen blouse is its durability; because of the thickness and strength of the fibre, the fabric feels cool and breathable. The weave of our Italy linen fabric allows more airflow, and its structure means it wicks away moisture from your skin, allowing better airflow over your body; when the linen shirt billows away, it quickly dries out and becomes cool and dry again.

ELZI red linen shirt will become softer and shinier with every wash. It ages great! :) 

Akako Elzi linen cloth will not show signs of wearing.

Resistant to clothes, moths and dirt.


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